Mauro Paissan | Paissan Group

Paissan Group, a network of companies and professionals specialized in consulting and services to small and medium enterprises operating in Italy, Europe and the United States of America.

Addressed to: craft, construction, industry, commerce, tourism, hotels and restaurants, services, transport, real estate, professional and technical studios, freelancers and self-employed.

Thanks to an extremely dynamic and flexible structure, Paissan Group is the ideal answer to those looking for professionalism, organization and a plurality of services and skills, in the following areas:

    • strategic ;
    • communication, marketing and commercial development ;
    • information technology and innovation ;
    • organization, tax, accounting and taxation.

They are at a glance a system of global consultancy and services , innovative and modern, capable of supporting its interlocutors during the conception, constitution, development and promotion, management and maintenance, restructuring of their business and business.


They offer consultancy and services aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises that need specialized skills and solutions capable of promoting their development , in an innovative and sustainable way, or solving the crisis of their business </ strong>, through a design, ethical and responsible approach oriented towards the achievement of shared objectives with the customer.


They are an internationally recognized reference player for the approach oriented towards people and corporate organizations and functional to the development of  customers’ business.

The multidisciplinary consultancy model amplifies the value of the skills and specializations of the partners and collaborators, creating a positive context for professional and personal growth.

Led by a close-knit team, united by an ethical approach, it represents an environment where you can dedicate the right time to work, cultivating space for the family and for the care of personal interests.