About me

I was born in Trento, on 19th September 1973.

I’m a consultant skilled in strategy, communication and marketing in the fields of industry, craft, commerce, tourism, hospitality and public institutions. I carry out further training in communication and marketing for companies, entrepreneurs and managers.

Master TSM (University of Trento) in Destination Management and Marketing (2009-2010). I also earned two Masters A.D.A in Economics and Hotel Management (2010-2011). Specialized in Neuro Linguistic Programming (2008), Financial statement analysis, and corporate management (2003-2004).

Chairman of Paissan & Partners Srl, an italian web and creative agency. Chairman of the board of Paissan & Partners GmbH, a swiss web and creative agency.

Member of the Association of Journalists of Trentino Alto Adige since 2005. I’m also a member of ADA (Associazione Direttori d’Albergo – Hotel Manager Association) since 2010.

President of CONFSERVIZI Confesercenti del Trentino by November 2013 and Vice President of Confesercenti del Trentino by March 23, 2015.

From 1 January 2016 I am Member of the Board of Confidi Trentino Imprese – Co-operative Society (Confidi Trentino).