Although 2015 was not an easy year, either for families nor for workers, certainly not for businesses and entrepreneurs. For Italy as well as for our Trentino. Despite some signs of recovery that lead mostly timid enthusiasm and impose even prudent attitudes, discipline and “control”, the crisis still “bites” and affects the lives of many people: fathers and mothers, young people looking for a work and a route to follow to address their future, small and large business owners and self-employed workers in all sectors, from trade to artisans, from industry to tourism, from construction to services.
In this scenario, an important lever to restart the “engine” of the economy is to look to the present and to the future with positivity. But with feet firmly on the ground, with realism…
And it is with realism that I can say that all those who love Trentino have to consider and remember December 21, 2015, as an extraordinary day. I would say historic, without exaggeration.
I will try to briefly explain the reasons for this thought of mines. December 21, 2015 was signed a trilateral agreement of extraordinary social and economic importance for our land: the establishment of the Trentino Intercategory Solidarity Fund, which I am sure will represent also an inspirational beacon for the whole country. An agreement between the Provincia di Trento public administration, the majority of employers’ associations representatives of the local economy and the totality of the union representatives of the workers of our country. The Solidarity Fund will allow all parties involved, promoters and signatories of this agreement, to have a new instrument of “support” and “help” at the disposal of businesses and thus workers, to address “critical” situations and necessity of various kinds that may arise in the future. This intercategory Fund will be available to all companies that have up to 15 employees, with effect from January 1, 2016, and will intervene when needed to support for example in training, retraining and relocation, support for retirement, income support. A parachute (if you love the air) or life jacket (if you prefer the water) to be activated in case of difficulty or need that may arise. For the first time this will be also (and especially) for micro enterprises, subjects which until now have only observed from afar this kind of opportunity. I think it is extraordinary for several reasons: it’s a tool that strongly establishes the value and potential of our local autonomy, that when “well-managed” may significantly affect the lives of all of us in Trentino; it’s the expression of a common trilateral will (workers, companies and public administration) that have been able to look with foresight to the future of our territory, creating a project while putting aside the interests of the “single” in favor of those of a “majority”; it’s a step, if not the first, that shows a “new” dialogue between the business world and workers (I hope will be the first of a new, long series of steps, ie a common path), and opens up a new age; it’s an example (really needed in these days). It is therefore a type of initiative that is fulfilling what should be the mission of politics, institutions and employers’ trade unions and workers.

For these reasons I can proudly claim to have actively participated as a representative of Confesercenti Trentino to the realization of this project / outcome.

Paissan Mauro – vice president of Confesercenti Trentino