The first step in making a company more efficient, more productive and competitive.

In my consulting activities, I noticed in small and medium-sized companies a critical situation that sometimes prevents their growth caused by managers’ inability to plan midterm actions. Due to their constant daily commitment in DOING, businessmen fail to dedicate adequate space and time necessary to OBSERVE AND DESIGN THE FUTURE, TO STEER THEIR BUSINESS. The first thing that highlights this critical situation (the alarm bell), is often the lack of a clear perception and awareness, on the entrepreneur’s part, of his/her STATUS – Are my products/services adequate? Is my offer up-to-date? How do my competitors act? Am I implementing measures to improve my offer? Am I aware of my financial needs and of the financial tools that are available to me? Am I using them properly? How could I make the most of them? Is my relationship with the customer properly “protected”? Is it safe?

I am firmly convinced that nowadays DOING WELL is no longer enough. It is obviously still important but it is no longer a guarantee of a healthy and productive business (as it was in the past). External factors that hinder this condition are more and more A BRAKE for the entrepreneur and the enterprise; in short, the market on the one hand and the complexity of the tax, contributory and administrative systems on the other hand are more and more difficult to interpret. For this reason, PLANNING PROPERLY AND CONSCIOUSLY the promotion, management, protection and business development activities is, in my opinion FUNDAMENTAL and, paradoxically, even more important than DOING WELL.

Mauro Paissan