DELEGATING TO GROW: an investment to improve your company and your life as entrepreneurs and managers.

Planning the management and development of every business requires the entrepreneur or manager of a company to acquire time to dedicate to this task and therefore it is important to realise that “delegating” (often another critical point in companies) a part of his/her everyday tasks is imperative and results in bigger productivity (remember….. decentralise, if possible, do not centralise).

If it is really impossible to delegate tasks (i.e. if the corporate structure does not allow it or if certain tasks cannot be delegated to employees), the Entrepreneur / Manager is required to implement an extra effort and to add PLANNING to the hours already dedicated to DOING additional time. This additional sacrifice must be considered, however, as AN INVESTMENT.

Let professionals and specialised consultants help you make your investment in planning the most efficient and streamlined as possible, both in terms of time and workload.

Mauro Paissan